Minnowbourne storm named best team in Australasia

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Re: Minnowbourne storm named best team in Australasia

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You said there was no baseball. You were wrong. Baseball has had many incarnations at a state and national levels. The good players go overseas ... how many players play professionally or semi professionally overseas. It’s no where near as big as basketball or soccer by a country mile yet neither is rl in Victoria. My initial point was about grassroots .... in relation to the success of the Storm ... whilst they have had a lot of success which I agree with growing the game at grassroots was not one. I pointed to baseball being bigger at grassroots ... without a professional team. You went on about your do called research and not finding anything. So not only have you shown yourself to be a moron but a Moran who can’t admit he was wrong. At least be man enough to own up to your errors. As I said. Weak as piss. Uneducated pissant.
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