Pasifika seems like a really bad idea for expansion. Next NRL team has to be Perth.

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Pasifika seems like a really bad idea for expansion. Next NRL team has to be Perth.

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Putting a team in Cairns with a small population, no major facilities and that represents the Pacific Islands (not Cairns) seems just ridiculous. Not only that, they will rely on government funding to survive. Then you get a government that comes in that likes AFL who will likely cut funds when needing to balance the budget.

Perth is the best place for the next NRL team, lots of English expats that live there as well as a large population. NRL games and State Of Origin games there have always gotten very good crowds. Plus clubs with deep pockets like North Sydney Bears that are willing to be involved in the bid.

Financial backing and support is number one for expansion. People in the Pacific Islands are not going to give a shit about a team based in Australia that plays nearly all their home games in Cairns that is meant to represent them. Not only that, people living in the Pacific Island nations won't be able to afford the merchandise and their businesses won't be able to afford to sponsor the team. Why would they ever become club members or even turn up to home games in another country so far away..
It is just not feasible in any way. Another brain dead idea from Albanese.
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