NSW/NRL suburban grounds funding

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Re: NSW/NRL suburban grounds funding

Post by Beaussie »

Terry wrote: Sat Aug 20, 2022 6:08 pm
Beaussie wrote: Sat Aug 20, 2022 1:29 pm
Gone wrote: Sat Aug 20, 2022 12:51 pm
how exactly has Vlandys won again? Hes not getting most of what he asked for, hes actively making enemies of a NSW Government that doesnt exactly have an opposition really complaining about the change of heart either...
The public sentiment towards V’Landys and the NRL has really shifted in Sydney/NSW. Greedy, arrogant and out of touch is being expressed regularly on talkback radio and right across all kinds of media.

The state is broke with literally thousands of homeless flood victims, underpaid, overworked and striking teachers, train drivers and nurses to name just a few - along with major infrastructure projects with massively overblown budgets. The NSW government on top of all that, is facing all kinds of questions regarding their integrity and possible corruption, with scandals appearing almost daily.

A NSW government viewed as being dictated to by V’Landys is pissing many NSW taxpayers off and threatening the governments very survival, let alone their chances of re-election in March 2023.

Watch this space. Electoral wipeout on the cards.

On and on you went about the public being against the NRL and new stadiums. The same emotional purse strings were pulled. Ad infinitum did you go. "Gladys will lose the election due to the NRL's greedy grab", you said. "What about the kids. What about the hospitals. What about the schools. The public has turned against Rugby League."

Then your ugly pontificated prediction, "Gladys will not and cannot build new stadiums for the NRL and remain Premier. The public are against Rugby League and Gladys. She will not win the election". Remember those great days beatup.

What a great beatup that was. Oh..................and what happened. Oh yeah................Gladys re-elected. Stadiums built. Great times. Great days. Great beatup, beatup lololololololol!!!!

Where is the knock down, rebuild of a brand spanking new rectangular Stadium Australia that was promised to the NRL by Gladys? The NRL didn’t even want a new stadium at Moore Park. It was Rugby Union and Soccer that pulled sway there, along with the powerful SCG Trust led by the GWS Giants chairman Tony Shepherd.

You thinking the current or future government will deliver on all the suburban grounds promised in a handshake deal is funny. Get used to the muddy hills they’re here to stay. lol
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