Fight Club - Radio Ratings

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Re: Fight Club - Radio Ratings

Post by Terry »

Beaussie wrote: Sun Jun 05, 2022 10:55 am SEN with its Rugby League focus and hosts in Sydney is last in every time slot.

Rugby League heartland… apparently. Or are Sydneysiders just not that into sport?

Another beatup from the lamentable beatup! RL is broadcast on 4 radio stations in Sydney ya dill. Sen comes last behind 2GB, ABC & Triple M. Their ratings are meaningless in judging popularity or otherwise of anything.

Your idiot argument would be like saying BVOD tv ratings for RL are very low in Sydney. And just ignore Ch9 Fox and Kayo.

Surely you can do better than this beatup. This is stupidity writ large. Please lift ya game pal. Or as they say, "if ya can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch."

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Re: Fight Club - Radio Ratings

Post by leeroy*NRL* »

I was about to add to that,

NRL has been on 2GB and ABC and Triple M for years...
they already have NRL programs in Sydney..

with the new SEN and tv shows it would be very hard for them to break into a already rusted on market.

this has nothing to do with popularity of rugby league in Sydney

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