Wests phfff - the big 4

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Wests phfff - the big 4

Post by Scorger Man »

Piss off the board as well and player managers that can hold clubs to ransom. The most farcical run of events I've seen since hopoate's digital campaign.

Woods uses uncertainty in the head coaching role as why he wasnt signing, we you had that for a couple of weeks you bitch. You obviously don't want to be here so fuck off now and dont let the door hit you on the way out. Overrated anyway, enjoy Dogs.

Tedesco was very quite on the Wests front. Why not grow a set now and tell us all what prompted you to not sign James? You couldn't see much more injury in the future so the Red Cross (Wests) served it's purpose in nursing you back to health for the umpteenth time so time for you to move on for more money? Don't use family security as an excuse either, we were your family you maggot.

Mitchell Moses should be released now. Let Parramatta deal with him. Funny how your playing above avarage now that your leaving. I expect as much from the above mentioned two - dont let them forget all season Tigers Faithful.

Brooks, well we'll see.

I wouldn't care if we fielded a park side of players as long as they want to be part of the club.

And again, piss the board off, full club clean out - give Ivan a broom

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Re: Wests phfff - the big 4

Post by AFLcrap1 »

I'm not a Wests fan but woods & co are a cancer .
& yes I'd support any team that run out as long as they were giving their best .
Woods is soft pillow .
Give some young up & comer a go .
At least they'd be trying

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Self ownage ..no one does it better .
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