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Send Off Rule

Post by prichos » Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:23 am

A bit concerned by the new push for the send off rule (Tim Watson)...

I played a game where the opposition deliberately targeted one of our players with punches to his head as he contested boundary throw-ins, and when he finally retaliated, he was sent off for the game, whilst they only got 10 minutes. Game over. Those retaliating always seem to get judged differently...

Case - Ballantyne (Fremantle) gets a free kick, there's a melee, and then Suban gets poked in the eye, for which the Saint has now been suspended for two weeks, but somehow, something happened which was worse than that, and the kick was reversed. What was worse than a deliberate eye-poke?
Case - free kick reversal when a Sydney player bumper Bugg to the ground, having just seem him KO his team-mate.
Whilst I don't condone evening the score, there must be allowance for standing up for your team-mate, as Wayne Carey spoke about last night with reference to Jason Johannisen.

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