but but but expansion

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Re: but but but expansion

Post by leagueiscrap »

AFLcrap1 wrote: Sun Apr 05, 2020 6:57 pm
leagueiscrap wrote: Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:29 am
AFLcrap1 wrote: Sun Apr 05, 2020 8:48 am Oh dear .
Yes we mock the AFL because compared to RL internationally it's miniscule .
RL compared to RU or Sokka is tiny .

Semi popular is better than laughable near non existent .
Your jealousy shines through again .

I should bump the thread where you got absolutely smashed last time you tried to compare Afl v RL internationally .
You made a quick exit when facts were posted . .
Afl has never pushed to be international except for a few exhibition games or for sponsorship reasons

Your game is a direct rip off union, it’s played or remotely popular where union is played

If league was popular it would be played in placers where union was not and have pro leagues across the world!

It has the nrlol and some semi pro league in England where union is huge.

With our union league would be nothing anywhere!
For this reason international league is a joke
Here we go again the same recycled lie that was shown to be bullshitblast time & the time before when you posted it
Not semi pro .why do you keep posting lies.
Does your jealousy affect you that much that you keep posting bullshit over & over in the hope that it will come true..

Lol I'll await for the deflection & rant that has nothing to do with what I just posted .
was semi pro last time we argued about this

you still didn't answer why its only popular where union is played :(/

riding off the success and popularity of union :wave:

Australian sporting sponsorship
AFL excess of $50m
A league $30 million plus
ARU $27 million
NRLOL $25 million

and she still changes your nappies as well!
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Re: but but but expansion

Post by AFLcrap1 »

Another lie
I showed you were wrong last time
You just keep regurgitating the same bullshit over & over .

I could show you where you were wrong.
Then in 6 months you will just repeat the same shit .
It's all you do .

So if I can repost where you were wrong will you admit it .
I suspect not .
But caught out again .
It's nearly a daily occurance
You lie
I show where
You rant ..deflect .
Then move onto your next lie .
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LIC self ownage
Lol $10 NRL tickets.$10 NRL tickets .How pathetic is that ?
Crickets chirping after I post $5 AFlol tickets .
Self ownage ..no one does it better .
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Re: but but but expansion

Post by AFLcrap1 »

& I found it
Nearly 4 yrs ago ..
Lol rinse repeat
Rinse repeat.

Read the bottom line

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Re: World dominance here we come!
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Post by AFLcrap1 » Sun May 01, 2016 8:16 pm

leagueiscrap wrote:
ParraEelsNRL wrote:
Rugby League has expanded in Australia, only an idiot would say otherwise and sadly, this forum is filled with lying, idiotic, cult like following zealots of the victopian code who would lie even if a gun was held at their dear old mums head warning them they'll shoot if they lie about any sports question saying, Rugby league hasn't expanded in Australia at all when asked that very simple question, has rugby league expanded in Australia?

Well here is some news for the stupid and dyslexic of this forum, if this fails I will post some pictures so the drunken LIC sort of understands, swines won't, he's just a cosliar.

Victopian rules started in Australia, Rugby League was IMPORTED.

Since its IMPORTATION into Sydney Via New Zealand in 1908, Rugby League is now played in every state and territory of Australia from grass roots juniors to open age adults. NSW, QLD, Vic, ACT all have fully professional clubs whilst WA has a Semi professional club playing in a lower level.

At the same time, rugby league has used Australia as a base to spread the game into new territories, states and nations whilst Victopian rules is still struggling to find the end of the Hume highway.
:(/ you are retarrrded and nieve and a bitter idiot arnt you thick shit!
league in VIC, SA, WA, TAS and to a lesser extent bearly exists in those states and territory
while AFL dominates those places & has a very good hold all up the East Coast, including NSW and QLD, its only you bitter old dying bogans that attempt to spread the tripe that is doesnt
lets just use some simple stats to back my statement up and prove how inscure, bitter & idiotic you are
6 people from Victoria to have played in the NRLOL
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_lea ... gby_League
cant be stuffed finding the list of morons to have played league from WA, SA or TAS but it wouldn't be any more than the 6 from VIC combined :(/

i cant find exact lists of players from qld or NSW to have played AFL but here is a few links
QLD team of the century & its quite a decent team!
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AFL_Queen ... he_Century

NSW team of the century
http://web.archive.org/web/201201090739 ... _wales.htm

there VIC, SA WA, TAS even if they raised the dead would barely even scrape a side together :thumbleft:
QLD & NSW have been providing quality players for several decades while vic has provided 6
so who has expanded and who hasent :\:

and yes AFL is an Australian game & league was imported, it is a dumbed down by product of union that appeals fo morons ! pretty funny rugby has been around for centuries internationally, union has several professional leagues & league only has Australia and a semi professional league
Lol you've changed your tune ...but still can't tell the truth . You originally have claimed that the NRL has not expanded outsider Qld & Nsw .
Good to see I've educated you & you found where Melb is .

Then you continually claimed there were no professional leagues outside Aust .
Lol now you say semi pro .
Half a lie .

Super League, officially the First Utility Super League for sponsorship reasons, is the top-level professional rugby league club competition in Europe. The league has twelve teams: eleven from England and one from France. The current champions are Leeds Rhinos.

LIC self ownage
Lol $10 NRL tickets.$10 NRL tickets .How pathetic is that ?
Crickets chirping after I post $5 AFlol tickets .
Self ownage ..no one does it better .
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Re: but but but expansion

Post by Lookin back »

Interesting reading in this thread .
Are all AFL fans this jealous ?
It would appear that what actually happens does not register in the grey matter of some .

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