The AFL bogans are at it again!!!!!

Which is the best football code? Here you can have it out with other football fans.
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Re: The AFL bogans are at it again!!!!!

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All sports have there contingent of human trash and it is easy to find examples in all sports.
On a English vacation decades ago the newspaper showed a picture of soccer spectator with a dart that had pieced from one side of his nose through to the other side. He was the victim of rival fans in the crowd who would throw darts towards opposition fans . This was 1980s era so rouge fans probably controlled a bit better since then .
All sports have a minority of fans out for violence and mayhem.

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Re: The AFL bogans are at it again!!!!!

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I know all sports have their bogans
Their dickheads
But it's hilarious when the AFL bogans are out in force the denial on here
The finger pointing at RL
The long winded rants that are nothing more than deflection .

When the evidence is there that the AFL for the last few years has easily been the worst in this country for Boganism ...crowd violence & behaviour .

I'd need a visit to a cardiologist of one of the afl posters on here actually admitted when the afl were far worse than RL .
But sadly being brainwashed & living in the afl all good bubble stops any reality encroaching on the image .

LIC self ownage
Lol $10 NRL tickets.$10 NRL tickets .How pathetic is that ?
Crickets chirping after I post $5 AFlol tickets .
Self ownage one does it better .

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