Gatorade Severs ties With The AFL.

Which is the best football code? Here you can have it out with other football fans.
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Re: Gatorade Severs ties With The AFL.

Post by AFLcrap1 »

I will type slow so you read it slow & maybe take it in .
2 different games .
Rant all you like it's hilarious ..immensely entertaining .
But you can't dispute fact .
2 different games .
I'll await the standard parrot response .

LIC self ownage
Lol $10 NRL tickets.$10 NRL tickets .How pathetic is that ?
Crickets chirping after I post $5 AFlol tickets .
Self ownage one does it better .
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Re: Gatorade Severs ties With The AFL.

Post by Fred »

I agree with AFLcrap. Football genetically have evolved with soccer or a form of soccer appearing to be the root and arguments over rules pre codification appearing to be the “kicker” ... with union and wanting to pick up the ball being the first. Then there was the split away from union with rugby league ... based on working people not being able to play during the week and making it less injury prone so they could continue to needing to work ... and getting paid to play. Then recently we have touch with the Federation of International Touch setting up and codifying their game at a. International level in the face of several fragmentations and variations ... something I think ironically similar to what possibly happened at the start of all this where there were many versions of a game and someone or a body moved to codify the game. So what is old is somewhat new again and history repeats. Interestingly, the term “football” has been removed by the governing body of Touch to reflect that the bell is not kicked.

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