Do GWS have any REAL supporters??

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Re: Do GWS have any REAL supporters??

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Beaussie wrote: Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:33 am
Terry wrote: Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:11 am The Ginats have had their 3rd straight year of financial losses. They now have total debts of $7.5M. And that is with yearly AFL handouts approaching $30M!!!!!!! Ouch!!!!!

And this is despite breaking their "membership" record again in 2020 loololololol!!!!!! Yep, the year when crowds weren't allowed and the Ginats eventually played outta Qld they still claim a "membership" record. In fact they say it is their 9th consecutive year of "records" lolololololol!!!!!!!

Their financial report hasn't yet been released. When, and if it is, I will examine it and further expose the Ginats "membership" myth through their own numbers.

Actually, has anyone seen their 2019 annual report? I recall it was either very very late coming out or disappeared before doing so. ... al-results
After the Giants GF presence a record 2020 membership count was to be expected. Pretty standard for any club when you look at historical membership numbers.

And a financial loss in a COVID affected season is hardly surprising for all sporting clubs and codes. Most AFL club members it has been reported, elected to let their respective clubs keep membership contributions. Not sure what your point is here Terry. 🙄
My point is their "membership" numbers claimed are BS. And have been every year since they started. Their own financials have proved this every single year. Simple really!!!!!

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