What type of Medication is Nielsen on?

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What type of Medication is Nielsen on?

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And how much are the AFL paying him?

Amongst AFL Teams:

Cumulative TV Audience : Sydney Swans no.1

Jersey Value : Sydney Swans no.2

People's favourite AFL team: Sydney Swans no.1

Avid team fans: Sydney Swans no.1

Social Engagent : Sydney Swans fell to no 10 in that category.

Believe it or not!

Rugby League, the dominant force in Australian sport! :cheers:

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Re: What type of Medication is Nielsen on?

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LIC self ownage
Lol $10 NRL tickets.$10 NRL tickets .How pathetic is that ?
Crickets chirping after I post $5 AFlol tickets .
Self ownage ..no one does it better .
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Re: What type of Medication is Nielsen on?

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its almost like they measure it or something.

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