Nrl vs Afl - Ethical integrity comparison thread

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Nrl vs Afl - Ethical integrity comparison thread

Post by King-Eliagh »

So ... what about them bulldogs players eh? :lol:

They finished their season with a bang and a few of em let loose and what’d they do? Got nude in public :shock: :lol:

Pretty Harmless stuff really but the nrl took it to town to the tune of a whopping quarter of a million fine to the club and the club is now in the process of dishing out fines to the few scally wags who got a tad too loose with their celebrations.

Meanwhile turn back the clock to 2017 - just hours after Richmond win the oremiership one of their players gets a woman nude, decides he needs to get the phone out and take pics of her. She, protecting her privacy asks him not to share these pics with anyone. So he decides he’s gunna share it with the whole fukkin world. And what do the Afl Afl and Richmond footy club do? Suspend him for three games.

It’s chalk and cheese here folks. The nrl players offence was far far far far less harmful and abusive. $250,000 + in fines is fished out. The afl player offence was potentially life threatening. 3 games on the sidelines. [-X


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Re: Nrl vs Afl - Ethical integrity comparison thread

Post by AFLcrap1 »

Just look at the difference in anything salary cap.

NRL take premierships offa team 1 mill fine
Play the season for no points

Does the salary cap cheating for the ya go extra for you under the name of COLA.....when other clubs whinge we will say we are taking it off you when we are really just changing the name to RETENTION ALLOWANCE..

Then there's the comparison of punishment for players of each code doing similar .
NRL Greg Bird accused of glassing his girlfriend...eventually found not guilty. Still out of the game for 12 months

At the same time Albert Proud is found GUILTY of GLASSING TWO women ....
The afl punishment...2 game suspension of which was a trial game .

LIC self ownage
Lol $10 NRL tickets.$10 NRL tickets .How pathetic is that ?
Crickets chirping after I post $5 AFlol tickets .
Self ownage one does it better .
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