GWS / SUNS >> How much more dollars

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Re: GWS / SUNS >> How much more dollars

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GWS business model under microscope as AFL moves in
Sam McClure

The AFL has sent its chief financial strategist to conduct a review of the running of Greater Western Sydney following a funding dispute between the league and the club.

The Giants — who are yet to win this season — have been stripped of close to $3 million in distribution money due to the AFL’s funding cuts from COVID-19.

Former total player payments boss Ray Gunston has spent this week in Sydney reviewing the club’s business model. Gunston is a former CEO of Essendon and CFO of the Tatts Group.

His quiet journey to GWS had several club CEOs raise their eyebrows when the issue was brought up on a recent phone hookup between club bosses.

According to sources familiar with conversations between the league and club, the main point of contention seems to be centred on the cost of living in Sydney and how the club continues to pay overs to its staff and players to stay.

Stephen Coniglio — the midfielder who was dropped in his first year as captain — is in the early stages of a seven-year deal worth more than $1 million a season. Josh Kelly — who has been in a form slump spanning more than a season — is in the final year of a contract with an option to extend it by a further eight years at $1 million a season.

“One of the things we’ve raised is that there are market differences that are so significant that they’ve almost become more pronounced for the football staff they’ve had to fit into the soft cap,” Giants chief executive David Matthews said.

The AFL has told the Herald that the review of the club’s business model was agreed at the end of last year.

The AFL distributed a total of $231 million to clubs last year, a decrease of more than $83 million. GWS received nearly $16 million, the third highest of any club behind Gold Coast and St Kilda.

Looks like the Ginats are in trouble. Fresh from recording a $7.7M loss for 2020 fumblehouse has 'quietly' sent in it's chief financial strategist to sort the failing rabble out.

It seems they've had to pay overs to players and staff because no one wants to be associated with the plastic so called club.

They're now squealing like stuck pigs about the cost of living in Sydney. Which is fair enough if you live in the east or north or inner west which most of their players and staff do.

I have some very simple advice for 'em: Make everyone associated with the joint live in the area they supposedly represent. Yep, Greater Western Sydney!! It has many brilliant new suburbs and communities at affordable prices. Problem solved. Send all the bums out to where there supposed to be!!!!

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Re: GWS / SUNS >> How much more dollars

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Yep Interesting times for the club,
2021 could beat 2020 figures

the Cost of Living Allowance.. is a joke of a reason.

Better get more Ambassadors in Sydney

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