Five years and a billion dollars later rugby league is broke

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Re: Five years and a billion dollars later rugby league is broke

Post by AFLcrap1 »

Proven bullshit artists print bullshit
Proven bullshit artists print unsubstantiated anti RL story
suddenly they are being truthful .
Poor Fred

LIC self ownage
Lol $10 NRL tickets.$10 NRL tickets .How pathetic is that ?
Crickets chirping after I post $5 AFlol tickets .
Self ownage one does it better .
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Re: Five years and a billion dollars later rugby league is broke

Post by Terry »

Fred wrote: Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:17 pm
Terry wrote: Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:08 pm
Fred wrote: Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:08 pm Well lic posted information to support his arguement ... we are not in a court of law but he has a journalist that was given leaked information with actual figures. His editor would not have let that through without being shown.
This has been explained to you over and over and over again Fred. Yet you repeat the same rubbish over and over and over again.

Please retire from the argument and save yourself further embarrassment my friend.

Cue Fred to now accuse me of deflecting lololololololololololololol. He's as predictable as a 2 year old spitting his dummy.......and nearly as smart lolololololololololol.
Cue terry not addressing not one point in the post.

Cue terry borrowing heartily from Fred lol. Imiatation isflaterry I give you that so thank you ... but mate ... you’ve tried to be like ke and failed ... shoot lower not higher .... just a suggestion. Next you’ll be using my puppet on a string analogy .... ............ oh my.....
Oh dear!!! Fred's gone all clockwork orange again!! Off to bed Fredo.....there's a good boy!

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Re: Five years and a billion dollars later rugby league is broke

Post by Fred »

Lol. Now you’re getting it terry

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Re: Five years and a billion dollars later rugby league is broke

Post by Beaussie »

Five years and a billion dollars later rugby league is broke, writes Paul Kent
PAUL KENT, The Daily Telegraph
October 13, 2017 6:00pm

FIVE years and a billion dollars later rugby league is broke.

Take a look at that figure again: $1,000,000,000. That is a thousand cheques for $1 ­million each, gone in the wind

Crowds have gone down, television ratings on Channel Nine are down, memberships have risen (but come from a low base and are well down on the 400,000 the NRL strived for as part of its 2012 strategic plan) and, most of all, most significantly of all, less people play rugby league than played five years ago.

Somehow, the game is in decline. Despite an agenda to build the game’s wealth the NRL has no assets to speak of except the long-term lease of League Central, a building on SCG Trust land.

The banks recently knocked back the NRL’s application for a $30 million bridging loan. The league dismissed the need for a loan as nothing more than the normal running of business, scoffing at us knuckleheads in rugby league who got worried they needed cash.

In their scoffing, though, they failed to acknowledge or disclose that the first step towards bankruptcy for any business is a cash flow problem.

Worse, why didn’t the banks consider the NRL a safe investment? The AFL got a similar loan, but then the AFL has assets.

So the cash shortage — $1 billion all spent — continues. ... 5d09cae3af

The original article noted above was the NRL’s reality in 2017. Imagine the new COVID-19 reality of 2020. Scary thought right? Eek.

Could some NRL clubs fold? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but from memory only 2 of the 16 NRL clubs are profitable right? And that was before COVID-19. :hmm:

"One in every 24 Australians is now a member of an AFL club, a sign that the national reach of Australian football has never been greater," League CEO Gillon McLachlan said.
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