2005 Tour of England: Ashes and ODI News and Discussion

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Post by Beaussie » Tue Jul 26, 2005 12:48 pm

King-Eliagh wrote:I personally believe its all dizzy's fault, that guys shithouse.
I thought he was going to be dropped. He's form of late has been very disappointing.

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Post by crocodileman » Wed Aug 17, 2005 4:07 pm

crocodileman wrote:The Poms were woeful in the field and with the bat, however I believe that there are a few worrying signs for the Australians. These are:-

1. Gillespie's form - clearly he is not the bowler he once was. Luckily for us, McGrath and Warne were exceptional, however, if we need to rely on them so much throughout the series we will struggle. The other bowlers need to chip in for wickets. If they continue to persist with him (Gillespie) it may prove costly. Again, simply to replace him with Kasper may not be a solution as he too is struggling.

2. The failure of many batsman to find form - Hayden is a passenger and it seems he has done his own head in. Ponting is not as good as he was 2 years ago and Gilchrist has reverted back to tip-n-run cricket he played in the backyard as an 8 year old. Even though I hate to say it, Langer was a better commodity when he grafted an innings rather than play the aggressor as he is doing now.

3. I believe England dropped 7 catches with at least 3 of them proving very costly. If the catches stick in future tests we will need to improve.
How insightful was I after Australia's first test victory at Lords? Everything I have said has proven to be 100% correct - again! :cool:

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